“Infochannel” showed the film “You are not alone!”


annabarsukova,youarenotalone,аннабарсукова,тынеодин,movie,film,2,3 and 4 January, the audience had the opportunity to see the movie “You are not alone!” at the TV – “Infochannel”.
The show is organized LLC “Cable network” with the support and participation of the newspaper “Courier prionia”.

Shortly after the show in the newspaper “Courier prionia” published an article about the event.
“You can’t change the fate of all children, but it is possible to help at least some of them” – these words are never suitable for an epigraph…

Full text of the article see below:

“You can’t change the fate of all children, but it is possible to help at least some of them” – these words are never suitable for an epigraph. In the Plesetsk district, the long-awaited premiere of the film Anna Barsukova “You are not alone”. This half-hour tape, which psychologically could open your eyes to many things even the most indifferent of people. The audience could see “You are not alone” on the channel “Infocourier”, a show organized with the support and participation of OOO “Cable network” and the newspaper “Courier prionia”.
In our family, three girls and seven boys – say the main characters of the movie – from children’s homes to take kids and teenagers remain. They also need to give a chance.
The film tells the story of two families from Rostov-na-Donu – Abramov and Kuzmin. Family unique in the fact that they are raising foster children. Kuzminyh from home live ten teenagers with whom new parents are trying to find a common language, overcome pubertantnyy complexes: fear, constraint, loneliness, resentment. Abramovi, raised three sons, could not pass someone else’s grief and took care of special children. Mikhail and Elena Abramova themselves have a hearing disability and vision, and their blood children with disabilities for health reasons. But is it someone stops?
Families have a strong willed spirit, so necessary in this case.
“You are not alone” is a socially important film. It is a kind of promise to the first step. In our country there are families who have a positive attitude to adoption and guardianship, but can’t decide on this for a number of reasons. The film won numerous awards at various festivals and competitions. Work is underway on introduction of the film as a positive example in the programs of the schools of adoptive parents, family festivals, conferences conducted by the authorities.
And most importantly, that little man felt that he was not alone.

Mikhail Sukhorukov

Link to sources:
http://www.pleseck.ru/kp/arh/2018/2018011002(997).pdf (page 3)
http://www.pleseck.ru/kp/arh/2017/2017122752(995).pdf (page 11 and program guide)

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