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13 may 2017 in the Rostov House of cinema the premiere of the film “You are not alone”. On the same day after the premiere in social networks, in groups and on the web. pages the audience actively discussed the film. Here are some testimonials received from viewers:
Maxim Ushakov:
Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend the premiere of “You are not alone!”, Director Anna Barsukova. Again I think that the passivity and indifference at times and is a blatant evil of our community. You can talk about religion, morality and patriotism, thereby emphasizing their active citizenship.
And at the same time, just ignore the pain and suffering of those who are close to you. In fact, most are only capable of sympathy, in the hope that there is a good Samaritan that will come and do….
A terrific movie, about true love, sacrifice and compassion. From the Director with a big heart and a beautiful soul…..
PS. I recommend everyone and especially those who are fixated on their own problems.

Tatiana Chudnovets: Film “You are not alone!” and its theme is not just a movie, not just the history of people, not just a cleverly taken picture, not just great music and song in a luxury performance… It’s the bare wire, bare the nerves and the pain of all mankind, which is tactfully silent, lowering her eyes to the floor.
Anna, thank You and Your team for Your incredible efforts, Your courage, boundless energy, sincerity and will power, thank you for what You are afraid to look straight into the eyes of this cruel problem. And, of course, special thanks to the families of the heroes who have agreed to open your world and tell the society what it so desperately needs

Irina Kassabova: The Film is very impressed ! Anna , you DONE ?? Revealed very relevant and meaningful (unfortunately) for Russia, the theme of social orphanhood! I hope that viewing this film will help many people to regain confidence in the intention to create a foster family, to give children love and care!

Sergey Savelyev: Good morning, Anya.
I want to thank You for inviting me to the premiere yesterday and for the very Your work! It seems to me that You managed to present this difficult subject exactly as You thought, not from the point of view of “poor children” who find themselves without parents, and from the point of view of positive examples of how to solve this problem. What You have shown does not cause feelings of pity, but touches the heart.
What I saw on the screen is a real Feat! I think that if these movies will be more, our society will be brighter and cleaner, and complex problems will cease to seem insoluble.
You are on the right track, Anya. Again thank You and wish you success in Your work!
Special thanks to the families shown in the film. I admire such people. I sincerely wish to educate these people, capable and able to love and to cherish human relationships. You rock!

Tatiana Statsenko impressed with the movie… Great job. You – the artist! Thank you! Appreciated the visuals, the metaphors (this is in addition to the plot and composition). By the way, one of the film’s heroine – a girl whose portrait is on the poster and the poster is remarkably similar to Ariadna Efron..

Julia Ushakov
It’s great that in our society today, are the real heroes! There is still a place of miracles! There are People with large letters, which highlight the serious problems of our time! Thank you!!! Anna Barsukova, a wonderful person and the wonderful film “You are not alone”!

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